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We are so pleased you are considering us for your child’s education. John Knox offers progressive, exceptional Christian education, and our caring, committed staff is eager to partner with you to ensure your children are challenged and supported to flourish academically, spiritually, socially and physically. Choosing the right school for your family is a significant decision, and we look forward to walking through it with you.

Christine Soultanidis,

Vice Principal of Communications



At John Knox, your child will be challenged and encouraged on a daily basis to be innovative and to explore opportunities for learning in every part of life. Watch our video to discover more about our programs.

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Year Founded



From Aspiration
to Reality

John Knox was started because committed parents understood the importance of providing a Christian learning environment for their children. For over 55 years we have created a school community where teachers, parents, staff and students work together to nurture and challenge children into whom they are meant to be.

About Us

JKCS Vision for Learning

Our learning programs are designed by our teachers, in collaboration and support with Administration. We are dedicated to creating authentic and rigorous learning experiences for all students. Please read more about our exceptional program.

John Knox Christian School is committed to providing a Christ-centered education, rooted in the foundation that the Lord is the Creator, Sustainer, and Redeemer of our World. Our curriculum reflects the mission and vision of the school, and it therefore helps students understand the world in which they live, so they can learn to evaluate our culture and respond obediently to the call of responsive discipleship.

Our learning programs are designed by our teachers, in collaboration and support with Administration.

Our curriculum is based on the Ministry of Education’s expectations, and is supplemented by a variety of curriculum resources including that of the Ontario Alliance of Christian Schools (OACS), and Christian Schools International (CSI).

To read more about our curriculum please see the prospectus.

John Knox Christian School is committed to thorough assessment and measurement of student progress.

Teaching staff use Ministry expectations as a benchmark for specific subject areas to guide instruction and to ensure our students are well prepared as they move forward in their education.

To read more about our standardized testing please see the prospectus.

In addition to the more traditional teaching methods of core subjects, JKCS is developing Project Based Learning at all grade levels. All staff are committed to rigorous yearly goals and on-going professional development in this exciting area of education.

Project Based Learning (PBL) is a teaching method in which students gain knowledge and skills by working for an extended period of time to investigate and respond to a complex question, problem, or challenge. PBL is an excellent way for student to learn the 21st century competencies needed in today’s world, which include: 
Learning Skills: collaboration, communication, creativity, critical thinking.
Literacy Skills:  information literacy, media literacy, technology literacy.
Life Skills:  flexibility, initiative, social skills, productivity, and leadership.

Why PBL?

In PBL, students are active, not passive; a project engages their hearts and minds, and provides real-world relevance for learning. Because of this, students who gain content knowledge with PBL are better able to apply what they know and can do to new situations. In the 21st century workplace, success requires more than basic knowledge and skills. In PBL, students not only understand content more deeply but also learn how to take responsibility and build confidence, solve problems, work collaboratively, communicate ideas, and be creative innovators.

The JKCS staff is focussed on supporting students to consistently produce high quality work. This focus is developed in the following ways:
1. Creating a culture of leadership and growth mindset in the classroom.
a. The classroom culture is safe, productive and collaborative
b. Students see and experience their potential

2. Anchoring lessons and units in student friendly learning targets.
a. Students are involved in learning targets, assessments and collecting data
b. Frequent “checks for understanding” are made during daily lessons

3. Using models, descriptive feedback and safe critique sessions to support HQSW.
a. Teachers give feedback that is kind, specific and helpful – to foster learning and growth
b. Students are taught to critique each other in this manner

4. Collaborating with colleagues to celebrate student work as a learning community.
a. Our first annual Celebrations of Learning – April 28th!

Junior Kindergarten (Three or Five full days per week)

Senior Kindergarten (Four or Five full days per week)

The Kindergarten program at John Knox Christian School (JKCS) is a place where students live joyfully and celebrate the excitement of learning. We provide a stimulating, rich and safe environment in which children can develop spiritually, socially, emotionally, mentally and physically.

To read more about our kindergarten program please see the prospectus.

“My kids have been well supported and encouraged to flourish in their gifts, whether that’s in music, sports or academics. And now, I see that they have prepared my daughter well for her high school experience and we feel good about the next phase of her education thanks to the foundation laid by JKCS. And if that wasn’t enough, John Knox gave us as parents a wonderful opportunity to get involved in the community, and ultimately our children’s education. We have watched our kids and their classmates grow into wonderful children of God, enriched in His faith, and supported by brilliant, caring staff. We too have made everlasting friendships along the way, that have blessed our lives for the better. Thank you John Knox, for exceeding our expectations on academics, on faith-based learning, and for building a solid foundation of His love in our children. Blessings”Jody Keats, Parent at JKCS

Life at John Knox

Come for a Visit!

A personal tour of the facility is a wonderful way to experience John Knox and ask all of your questions in person. Our Manager of Admissions, Karen Piccolo, would love the opportunity to show you around! Call or email today.

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